The connected self: My 2014 stats

I've fully embraced the concept of the "connected self." Data at home is so much more fun than data at work. So, here's what I learned about my connected self in 2014, from the amount of pages I've read, to the online merchant I spent the most money with this year, and everything in between.

From Pocket: My Online Content Consumption Stats

I like long-form journalism. I like current events. I very frequently tell friends that I "want to learn everything on the Internet." And so it's not shocking that I consume a lot of Internet content. A lot. In fact, I read so much this year (more than 2 million words!) that I was in the top 1% of readers on Pocket (my favorite save-for-later app). More surprising than the amount I read was that I don't seem to discriminate via device... I spent near equal time reading from my computer, my iPad, and my iPhone. I would have expected my iPad to blow everything else out of the water. See my stats below.

From Goodreads: My Book Stats

I don't read nearly as many books as I do articles, but I'm trying to be better about that. I started listening to audiobooks in the car, joined a book club, and recently became much more active on Goodreads. Hopefully I'll out-do my 14 books and 5,542 pages in 2015.

From Spotify: My Music Stats

These stats are going to be skewed quite a bit as Spotify is just one of many ways I listen to music. I also like Rdio, Pandora, iTunes Radio, and my old-school iPod Classic. Still, the Spotify stats are fun to see. Go ahead, generate your own Spotify year in review.

From Pillow: My Sleep Stats

I only stumbled on to Pillow near the end of the summer so my statistics only reflect part of this year. That said, I've been doing a great job of consistently getting at least eight hours of sleep each night and my overall sleep quality has been improving over the last couple of months. Check out my trend graphs below.

From Moves: My Physical Activity Stats

I love Moves because it tracks whether I'm walking, running, riding a bike, driving in a car, or flying in airplane without me ever having to "turn it on." Magic. Moves shows users daily and weekly stats, but doesn't yet aggregate data monthly or annually. That's okay, though, because I used Loggr to export my data and then totaled my stats in spreadsheet. I can definitely do better in 2015. 

  • Total Distance Walked: 351 miles (7 miles/week)
  • Total Distance Ran: 16 miles (note that this doesn't count times my phone wasn't with me, so my weekends full of soccer aren't included in this total)
  • Total Distance Biked: 5 miles

From Mint: My Overall Spending Habits

Mint is my go-to app for managing finances, and I tend to check out my spending trends fairly frequently. Looking back on 2014, it looks like more than 25% of my spending went to taxes, followed by bills, and investments (labeled "Financial" in the accompanying chart). I'm not too disappointed with this distribution, although I could certainly stand to do a little less shopping in 2015.

From Slice: My Online Purchasing Habits

Mint gives me an overall view of my finances, but Slice shows me reports within the microcosm of online shopping, which tends to be the primary way I buy just about everything but groceries. With two-day shipping from Amazon Prime, why not? 

I would love to hear any recommendations for additional apps to use and data to track in 2015. Post them in the comments.

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Posted on December 21, 2014 and filed under Personal.