HeteroFoaM Website Content Strategy

About the Project

HeteroFoaM stands for heterogenous functional materials, an emerging area of clean, renewable energy. The HeteroFoaM Center at the University of South Carolina is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and is advancing research related to how to create and use HeteroFoaMs in common energy systems. As content team lead for the HeteroFoaM website project, it was my job to develop a strategy for communicating complex, technical, scientific concepts to the general public. My work took the direction of benefits-based primary messaging supported by copy citing factual examples. Where applicable, testimonials and achievements/awards were featured alongside informational content. Page structure included headings and short paragraphs to help break dense concepts into smaller, easy-to-understand pieces.


More Details


HeteroFoaM Center, an Energy Frontier Research Center established by the U.S. Department of Energy




Custom CMS (.NET), Google Analytics


Information architecture, key message development, homepage copywriting