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The South Carolina Honors College (SCHC) website project was a combination professional endeavor and civic duty. As an SCHC graduate, it was very important to me that the new site reflected the incredible experience that the college affords students as well as a degree of professionalism that encouraged support from alumni and community organizations. I worked tirelessly on all aspects of this project from project management to content development and photography selection. As part of the process, I reorganized the content and information architecture and also created digital versions of many of the stories the college shared through its bi-annual publication AHA!. Significant amounts of unimportant or outdated information were dropped in favor of content that left students thinking, "that could be me." While the website design has been updated since the 2010 redesign, much of the content developed during that project remains the same, a testament its relevance and structure.



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South Carolina Honors College, University of South Carolina


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